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Guaranteeing full support to children under age

One of the objectives of the area is to contribute to the improvement of the nutritional status of the target population

In order to guarantee the care of expectant mothers under age and their children born or to be born, as well as children at high risk, we will offer support in:





Education non-formal



The Foundation will assist children between 3 and 12 years of age in non-formal education, where minors, according to their abilities, will positively develop all their potential as a permanent and integral training process.


The objective of non-formal education is to complement, update and supply knowledge at a given time. There will be pre-kindergarten and kindergarten and external minors who have never been to school.

Area managed by a professional qualified in Nutrition and Dietetics. One of the objectives of the area is to contribute to the improvement of the nutritional status of the target population, guaranteeing an adequate diet in order to meet the nutritional needs of minors, according to age, making an initial assessment and Periodic evaluations taking into account the diagnosis of admission.

Social work


To guarantee the attention of children between 3 and 12 years old

Carry out different learning activities for children

Working area managed by a professional with a degree in Social Work who will evaluate, analyze and define the type of family dynamics and origin of minors, and will implement strategies to improve intrafamilial relationships and to strengthen affective ties. It will establish the necessary mechanisms to foster the sense of co-responsibility of the family towards the Foundation, so that there is a greater commitment of the families of the children and with the Foundation, this area will be in permanent contact with them, determining the deficiencies that may arise within the family relationship and developing permanent workshops and consultancies.



Likewise, it will provide the services of: Developing training workshops on values for their parents if they have them; on prevention of abuse and intra-family violence among others; direct recreation and activities aimed at the use of free time. Finally, it will look for the contacts that are necessary with the different inter-institutional entities.

Direct and coordinate the area and carry out the educational and formative activities of the children, and supervise the realization of the basic daily activities of the same.


Diligence, organize and keep up to date the pedagogical folders of each boy and girl.


Perform the planning of the activities of the training program according to the axes of integral development.


Schedule recreational and cultural activities with the children of the group in charge, monthly with the coordination of psychology


Organize cultural and sports events where children express their creativity


Given the attention that this problem deserves, the psychologist plays a preponderant and decisive role

This working area will be in charge of evaluating the psycho-affective state and the level of competence of the minors, at high risk, supporting the processes of family and social integration, searching and generating strategies to strengthen the family and their individual needs, strengthening the affective ties , stimulating self - esteem, (self - image) and respect for themselves and for others, since abuse is one of the main problems families are facing in Colombia and specifically the minors located in the Foundation; they almost always become maladaptive members of society. Given the attention that this problem deserves, the psychologist plays a preponderant and decisive role within the Foundation.


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