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In the same way, we will have the spiritual support of a priest to guide the families that need it and it is necessary for the staff that works in the Foundation that they respect religion, race, language and seeking harmony in coexistence.


The Miracle of Love Foundation is a private non-profit organization dedicated to fulfilling social action and to a commitment to search and transform situations coherently with social needs.


To promote the integral development of girls and boys from three to twelve years, in or outside a state of physical, psychological, and/or social vulnerability; as well as attention-counselling to families.

María Eugenia and a group of professionals

With extensive experience and the desire to help, not only with joy but with effective service, María Eugenía Gómez Díaz, former religious member of the Daughters of the Merciful Heart of María and a committed Laity of the Parish of Santísimo Sacramento, together with a group of professionals that were chosen by her and that have the necessary moral and ethical characteristics in each one of them, set up a Foundation in Bogotá, D.C., aiming at alleviating in some way the difficult situation of children from 3 to 12 years old who are at high risk, abandoned and in physical and/or moral danger, coming from strata 1, 2 and 3, by providing them with comprehensive care and striving for a higher quality of life


Thus arose the effort to organize an entity that was named FOUNDATION MIRACLE OF LOVE. The Foundation has been technically constituted for this program, with actions that generate continuity and that is attended by professionally qualified staff that is very committed to this apostolic work.


The program starts with the following active partners: Market engineer; Mauricio López Montoya, Olga Lucia Duarte Castro, Doctor Luís Alfonso León Torres, doctor; Doctor María Helena Flórez Castro, veterinarian; Doctor Lucia del Rosario Arango Vélez, psychologist and occupational therapist; Beatriz Pérez Gallo, lawyer; Special Educator; Olga Lucia Méndez Pnilla, Electronic Engineer; Raúl Marín Ariza, merchant; Ana Cristina Hernández Olaya, fiscal reviewer, Ivonne Astrid García and María

Private Institute for social action and development

High level service in attending children

Guaranteeing complete development of minor children.

Dedicated to a total protection emphasizing family and society



We are a non-profit private institute for action and social development aiming for a better life for children at high risk, neglected or at physical and/or moral risk, between 3 and 12 years old, in the scope of fundamental rights, supported by an interdisciplinary group focusing on total protection in their family and society; trying to develop processes due to changes by means of strengthening values and academic reinforcement.





Being a recognized Foundation in the region, for the offered services to children and their families, vulnerable and at high risk, supported by professionals allowing them a complete teaching of values, self- respect and more; guaranteeing the possibility of having a better future and a higher quality of life.

EQUALITY: The guarantee of compliance with rights without discriminating people by sex, religion, race, social condition, health, education and / or political tendency.


SERVICE: Offer optimal care to ensure the full development of children under age.


UNION: To strive for the creation or strengthening of ties of unity between the assisted population, their family, the community and the working group of the Foundation, which will lead to a harmonious action in all senses.


PARTICIPATION: Promote the link out of free will to the various socio-cultural activities, at an inter and intra-institutional level.


TRANSPARENCY: To forward all the activities of the Foundation within a transparent, responsible process that generates trust on the part of the institutions that can collaborate with us, the target population and the community.


Honesty, freedom, solidarity, responsibility, professionalism, proactivism.


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